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Playing Combina

The object of Combina is to swap tiles to create groups of three or more. The tiles have to be next to each other on either the side or top or bottom in order to be swapped. The row of tiles disappears when matched and all the tiles move down accordingly. In order to swap tiles the player can either click each tile one after the other or simply drag one tile into place. The player is not allowed to swap diagonal tiles or tiles that are non-adjacent.

Conquering Levels


When playing Combina online, there are a maximum of four levels to complete. Each level has a time limit of 60 seconds in which the player has to complete it. In order to move on to the next level, a player must reach a certain number of points. This is represented on the side of the game by a bar that fills up every time tiles are a bar that fills up every time tiles are matched.

play combina

If a player fails to score enough points to move on to the next level in 60 seconds, the game is over. The levels increase in difficulty as each new level brings a new type of tile to match. The most important thing to look for when swapping tiles, are groups of four or more. The more tiles that you are able to create lines with, the more points you will get.

Try to form chains that are near the bottom of the board, as this is more likely to create a chain reaction. It is also important to play as fast as possible. The faster you create chains, the more points you will receive. This also decreases the likelihood that you will run out of time before you get enough points to move on to the next level.