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Play Ghost Sweeper online for free

Classic Real Action Game

Ghost Sweeper is a classic action game that can be played in a 2-player, 3-player, 4-player, 5-player duel or in mini-leagues. Players can play the game online for free. The online game gives players the chance to discover their own abilities by trapping ghosts. This game is similar to the well-established minesweeper game, except with a spooky theme, hence the name Ghost Sweeper. The Ghost Sweeper game challenges players’ reaction time and their strategic thinking. Players will have to make it through three levels in order to win the game. The ghosts are indicated by the numbers on the tiles. The number "one" on a tile indicates that this tile is surrounded by one ghost. Besides testing strategic thinking, players also have to show fast movements and skills, as those will be tested throughout the game. Each Ghost Sweeper level has a different number of ghosts that gradually increases as the player moves up in levels.

Casual Action Game


Ghost Sweeper is a casual game that requires coordinated movements and logical thinking. Players need to know how to click in the right order if they don’t want to be trapped by the ghosts. In some cases a joker might be useful.

play ghostsweeper

In these tricky situations where it is unclear if a ghost is hidden beneath a tile, a player should definitely choose the joker. The joker, which looks like a pumpkin, can be clicked and dragged to the Ghost Sweeper game board.

In the first level, the player can make use of two jokers. In level two, there are four jokers and in level six, the user can drag six pumpkins to uncover hidden ghosts. The uncovered tiles where the joker is placed will then display whether there’s a hidden ghost or not. This is really helpful in order to win the game. Also, practicing Ghost Sweeper helps a lot to improve in this game.